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Things That Irritate Me

I posted this quote on the Spark Wellness Facebook page last week.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

- Carl Gustav Jung

And it’s gotten me thinking about my own experience of being treated homeopathically.

I’ve been seeing a homeopath myself for over ten years.  In the very beginning, I was being seen for postpartum depression, seasonal allergies and asthma as well as the everyday stresses of being a new mom.  I’ve been treated through having the flu, mononucleosis and a dripping, sneezing nose.

During these ten years of homeopathic care, most if not all of these symptoms have been healed.  I’m at a place in my life where I’m exercising regularly, eating well and feel symptom free for the most part.   I’m also happy in my work and personal life.

So why do I still see my homeopath regularly?

It is the above quote by Carl Jung that fits perfectly.  I want more.  I want to be able to find and keep my balance always.  I want to explore those things that aggravate me and dive deeper.  My personal explorations with my homeopath are similar to what I experienced with a life coach years ago.

I want to know what stops me.  What are the things that I can’t seem to figure out on my own?  Why do I react to similar situations in such a familiar and frustrating way?  How can I develop a new path forward when these things come up?

I find my conversations with my homeopath to be healing in and of themselves but being able to take a carefully prescribed remedy that helps to nudge my energy in the right direction is a wonderful gift.  The way that I find healing these days does not appear in the form of pain or symptom relief.  It now comes in more subtle but powerful ways.  I might have a different, more calm reaction to similar challenging situations. (Although not the rabbits!)  I might feel an inspiration to finally move in the direction that I've been contemplating.  I might be able to now let go of a feeling, idea or thing that I was clinging to.

Healing is a journey.  For me it is a lifelong quest to explore the inner reaches of my being and continue on my path to purpose, peace and spiritual growth.  I find inroads when things irritate me and use them as indications that there is more to explore.  I invite you to continue to explore the irritations along your journey.

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