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Intentional Solo Retreats Curated Just for You
Curated, intentional, solo retreats.  You choose your outcome and we create the path.
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I have witnessed this with my clients for many years. 


We work together in our healing session and you have big ah-hah moments and experience some shifts.  Then you go back into your regular life and it’s: a demanding boss, tight deadlines, endless carpools for kids sports, dinner on the table, cleaning the house and then a quick bedtime in order to start the day all over again.


We all want to heal and become more of who we are.  We want to integrate those ah-hahs and the new awareness we learn in therapy and homeopathic healing sessions. 


But there’s no time.


No time to become.


No time to pause.


No time to just be.


This is why I have created Personalized Intentional Solo Retreats - just for you.  


You decide on your intention.  You get to ask yourself, what is it that I need - for my own healing, for my own sanity, for my own joy - so I can fully live?


What do I need right now?


You go through the Forming Your Intention process and once you feel ready, we meet and start to co-create your retreat.  We will talk about what sort of experience you desire.  We’ll explore your intention and how you want to feel at the closing of your retreat.  


From there, the MAGIC HAPPENS.


Given your desires and where you want to be when you close your retreat, my team then goes to work to create the path for you to arrive at your desired destination.  


I have partnered with Julie Crossman, Certified Yoga Therapist, Cheryl Englebretson, Personal Chef and Sammi Boerner, Aromatherapist to create a perfect blend of movement, nourishment, rest and inner growth.


The Details -


Location:  Of your choosing!  You can book an AirBnB, go to your favorite cabin or even retreat locally.  I am happy to provide guidance in finding just the right environment for you ideal experience.


Food:  Before your retreat, Cheryl will connect with you to learn more about your food preferences, sensitivities and desires.  We want you to be nourished body, mind and spirit on retreat!  You will enjoy a carefully curated, delicious menu complete with three meals per day plus snacks.

Yoga:  Long before your retreat, you will begin your three personal yoga sessions with Julie.  If you have never experienced yoga therapy before, be prepared to be surprised and delighted.  During your sessions, Julie asks questions and inquires about your life and your physical health in order to create personalized yoga and meditation practices that bring more flow to your life both during and after your retreat.  

Essential Oils:  Your custom curated mini-essential oil kit will arrive with your retreat package.  Sammi will create a selection of oils for sleep, relaxation and the best aromas to help you journey toward your intention.


Retreat Guide:  Following our Intention Setting session, I begin to create the perfect retreat experience for you.  Each day is scripted to allow for practices, movement, time in nature, self-care, rest and ease.  Your Retreat Guide will include activities to fill your days but you are invited to take part in those that feel right in the moment for you.  Everything you need as far as materials will be provided for you along with a detailed list of items to gather from home.


What might an Intention look like?

While everyone’s intention is different, your intention may be similar to these:


I am stuck in my life/business/relationships/parenting and I just can’t move forward.


I am stuck in my grieving.


I need to make a BIG DECISION.


I am longing for quiet and a place just for me.


I am carrying so much stress that I’m afraid something is going to happen to my body.


I feel scattered, ungrounded and can’t find my way.


I am always taking care of everyone else and never take care of myself.


Is it time for you to retreat?  What is your heart longing for?  Are your bags already packed or is fear arising at the thought of making time for yourself?


It’s time.  Your soul needs your care.  Your body and mind need your care.


Schedule your Setting Your Retreat Intention session now and begin your journey inward.




Retreat Fee Includes:


* Delicious, Nourishing, Carefully curated menu which includes three meals per day plus snacks by Personal Chef Cheryl Englebretson


* Three Private Yoga Sessions with Yoga Therapist Julie Crossman, providing yoga practices to help you settle in, open up and relax 


* Intentional, Personalized Retreat Guide curated to meet your intentions for your retreat, dive deeper into your self-knowing and create space for your unfolding.  Our hour long session at least two weeks before your departure, is included.


* During your personal retreat, I will be available to you at any time for support via phone.


Retreat Packages:

5 Days, 4 Nights  - $1645

                     Arrive Wednesday, Depart Sunday

4 Days, 3 Nights - $1445

                     Arrive Thursday, Depart Sunday

3 Days, 2 Nights - $1245

                     Arrive Friday, Depart Sunday

Right now in your life, do you need a shorter retreat? Mini Retreat Packages are also possible!  Contact me for more information.


Guided Retreat Experience - for those who are looking for in person support and guidance while on retreat, personalized, curated experiences one on one with me as your guide are also available.  Please contact me for more information.  



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