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Be in the Flow, Let the Rest Go
A Costa Rica Retreat

February 19th to 25th, 2023
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Are you are in a rut, trying to keep it all together, do everything for everyone else while getting completely burned out and feel exhausted from years of pandemic?  Are you longing to find more ease and contentment, finding a way back to yourself, connected to your body and ready to bring forth your next chapter - then join us in exotic Costa Rica for this powerful and transformative adventure!

Standing on the edge of the jungle, surrounded by other companions on the journey, you rise. 


Committed to a new relationship with yourself and celebrating a life of possibility, you slowly make your way into the waves.  You feel the cool water wash over your skin as tears well up in your eyes with gratitude for this beautiful life and all that is ahead.  

You have released old behaviors that no longer serve you and are now committed to truly living;  able to set boundaries, relinquish control, make a joyful noise, trust your intuition and live the life that the Universe has been calling you to live.

Encircled in a loving group embrace, you know that you are not alone.  You have found your tribe and can go forth into the world knowing that others are supporting you in all that the future holds.

As you step out of the healing, blue waters of the ocean, you have been reborn and all the trauma, fear and struggle has been washed away.  You glow with the radiant light of the Universe and you step into your new life.

Image by Atanas Malamov

Let me tell you more..

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

You get caught in a vicious cycle.  

You know that you aren't good at creating boundaries for yourself.  And if you do, you feel guilty for saying no to your kids, your partner or your co-workers.  

Without clear boundaries, you try to feel safe by controlling your surroundings.  If you can't state what you need, at least you can control the outcome.  But this leads to frustration, anger, resentment and then exhaustion. 

And all of this gets caught in your body. You keep it all in.  The words get caught in your throat.  You aren't able to express what you need until you finally boil over.  And when you do, the guilt sets in.  Being able to express yourself doesn't come easily.

The cycle repeats and you go round and round.

  • You know that you need to create something different for yourself in your relationships

  • You find yourself quick to anger because you need a boundary but can't set one

  • You find yourself living in the future, always trying to prevent the what-ifs

  • You have a LOT of responsibility on your plate.  People say you take on too much.

  • You long for a different way to be.

  • You wish that you could just relax into life and be okay with what comes

  • You are E X H A U S T E D

Image by Daniel Öberg
So tell me, is this you?
If you answered yes then
Be in the Flow and Let the Rest Go was
made especially for you.
The Venue 
Resort and Wildlife Refuge
Who wouldn't want a room with a private balcony and views of the ocean and jungle?

We'll be staying at Si Como No, Resort and Wildlife Refuge just outside of the beach town of Quepos.  The resort is steps away from one of the most magnificent gems in all of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park.  From your window, you will be able to see the waves washing up on the beaches of the National Park.  Everywhere you look, your eye can settle on the lush, green tropical life surrounding Si Como No.

Not only is the resort rated 5 out of 5 for sustainability by Green Hotels of Costa Rica, it also features its own Wildlife Exhibits next to the property.  

Imagine waking up to the gentle sunbeams spreading across the floor while fresh, local coffee wafts in from outside.  Howler monkeys make themselves known in the trees nearby and you rise to look out on the gentle waves crashing along the shore.

Every room offers your own private balcony, ocean and jungle views, private bathroom and shower, air conditioning and ceiling fan.  

Delicious cuisine for Breakfast...

Breakfasts and dinners are included so you'll have plenty of opportunities to try every delicious dish on the menu.  

If you haven't yet been, the food in Costa Rica is incredible.  You have never had such fresh fruits, vegetables and fish in your life!  
Imagine sitting down to breakfast of freshly squeezed guanabana juice.  (Guanabana is a bumpy, football sized fruit with a marshmallow interior and tangy flavor.)  Fresh mangoes and bananas  accompany the Costa Rican favorite: Gallo Pinto, the national rice and beans specialty. Eggs made to order and omelettes are also available.  And of course, don't forget freshly picked and roasted Costa Rican coffee.  

Costa Rica has one of the most ideal climates in the world for growing coffee and the best beans are roasted and poured just for you.

...and Dinner

Ceviche is one of the local favorites when you are at the beach in Costa Rica.  Fresh caught fish is marinated with lime juice and plenty of cilantro.  The mouth watering tanginess of the lime and fish is complimented by a side of corn chips to act as both serving spoon and salty companion.

While the dinner menu is full of delicious fish options, there are also plenty of delectable dishes for both vegetarians and non fish eaters alike.

Pizza, found all across the globe, is a mainstay of Costa Rican cuisine and is also a tasty dinner option.

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The Itinerary 
Our Itinerary

Each day during our retreat, we'll come together to share in transformational activities, movement, sea ritual and targeted journaling. 

Our focus together will be around:

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Relinquishing Unhealthy Levels of Control

  • Joyful Self Expression

So you can Be in the Flow and Let the Rest Go.

While there is plenty on our itinerary, including a snorkeling adventure at the coral reef, there will also be plenty of time to relax, rest, rejuvenate and explore.  

Experience the beauty of the wildlife preserve, swim in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, explore the nearby town of Quepos and enjoy the local restaurants and nightlife.  

While there will be daily curated experiences, this retreat is for you.  It is a lovely, unique time when you get to really tune into your desires, intuition and creativity.  Imagine having the space to wonder what do I want to do next?  What is it that I need right now?  Do I want a nap, a swim, a massage, a conversation with a new friend?  How can I truly give myself what I need and want in this moment right now?  

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