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Your Cancer

Dear One,

You have gone through a horribly traumatic experience - one that I wish I could take away. You have endured the pain of your diagnosis, the uncertainty, sadness and fear - OMG the fear. Gripping, tensing, seizing you. The fear and pain so present and palpable. Unable to escape the fear voice that has taken over your mind. I have cancer and I might die. Everything outside of yourself stops as your whole being tenses.

Then the doing begins. Doctors visits, tests, surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy. Change diet, think positive, do all of the things. And as you move through you the pain there is hope. The numbers are changing, the tumor is shrinking, you look fantastic in hats.

Now you have joined the millions of others who have also survived. The cancer has been cut away, killed and conquered.

But cancer exists on all levels. And we do not yet treat them all. We focus on the physical, the visible cancer that can extinguish your body. The cancer that remains unprocessed in your emotional, intellectual and spiritual self is left, mostly untouched. The all clear diagnosis comes in and we are relieved. We move on and continue our one, precious life.

But the remnants of the cancer and the trauma and the fear remain. And often, you are the only one who knows.

Let it out. Share it. Allow someone else in. Experience all of it so that it can move through you and you can fully heal.

I'm a cancer survivor like you. I know how important and painful and scary all of this can be. I've been into those dark places too. I'm here for you. I will go into the dark places with you and help you to emerge once again. You are so precious and you deserve to be fully alive again.

Be loved,


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