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and Cancer

Holistic Healing for Cancer Patients
When you are diagnosed with cancer, healing is necessary on all levels -
mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  
Image by Mercedes Bosquet
Kind Words

I started seeing Desirée to help me with a thyroid issue. I had worked with her for a little less than a year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, I was not aware that cancer was an area she specialized in. From the time of my diagnosis, through my last radiation treatment, she was with me along the way. She helped me with the healing of my surgery scars and managing side effects of chemo and radiation. For the last eight months I was able to resume all of my daily activities, with manageable side effects. I attribute this to the remedies and care provided by Desirée. Desirée was accessible when I had different side effects pop up, and recommended remedies to help. She also helped tremendously with emotional side of cancer. Desirée listened and was thoughtful in the words she chose. She taught me how to listen to my body and  helped me through a very difficult period in my life.

- Jen M.

When I first got diagnosed with breast cancer, it was a whirlwind.  A friend referred me to Desirée.  I read through her website, not really sure what to expect and thought to myself, "What does it hurt to try"?  I had the initial consultation and decided to proceed.  Not only did I get relief from the side effects of chemo (pretty easily at that) but I learned a lot.  Desiree is a kind soul and a caring person.  If you are considering taking the leap, do it, you won't be sorry!

- Bridget V.

For many cancer patients, the diagnosis comes and all efforts are put into the physical "fight".  Conventional medications - chemo, radiation and other clinical trials are taken on along with dietary changes, acupuncture, detoxification, massage, cranial sacral therapy, immunotherapy, etc.  There is a lot of attention given to the physical manifestation of cancer. 


While this is good and necessary, there is a lack of care when it comes to all other aspects of our human selves and our healing. 


A holistic approach to healing from cancer explores:

  • Attitude - How do you feel about your cancer treatments?

  • Purpose - What is it that you are surviving for?

  • Withholding - Are you able to express your feelings fully or are you holding back to be strong for your loved ones?

  • Three pillars of Cancer Care: Boundaries, Control and Self-Expression


No matter what therapy you choose, the way that you feel about it makes a big difference.  I have worked with patients who believe that their chemotherapy drugs are "killing" them.  These are the patients who will end up with all of the side effects possible.  Their body obliges and they get terribly sick, sometimes on the way to the hospital before the treatment.  

In our work together we try to understand your attitudes, feelings and fears about treatment.  We unearth all of the worries, the predicted side effects and the doctor's predictions of success.  From there, we create a new desired outcome, a vision for your healing that will allow your body to accept all therapies in the intention with which they are given - ultimate healing and remission.


What is it that you are surviving for?  This may sound like a strange question, but it's a necessary one to explore.  It's known that cancer patients who have a strong drive to live often do.  Your will helps you to mentally and emotionally take on the life changes, relationship changes, dietary changes and physical changes.  It also gives you HOPE.  


We work together to explore your purpose, the place you are at in your life now and then create a vision for your life going forward.  You can create a life that is worth living  and one that is worth surviving for.


It is difficult to be a cancer patient on so many levels but particularly when we know that our diagnosis and suffering are hurting the people we love.  It's easier to put on a happy face and a positive attitude because it makes your loved ones feel better.  Doing so doesn't leave space to talk about your true feelings about your cancer journey.  

Our sessions are a safe space to talk about your full range of feelings including fear, regret, anger, resentment, worry.  It's also safe to talk about feeling happy!  Sometimes it's nice to feel cared for, loved and relaxed during this break from your regularly scheduled life.  You will gain awareness of those places in your life where you are withholding and aren't able to fully express your feelings and needs.  Through tools and practice, you will be able to more fully communicate and engage in a healthy way with your care team.


The Three Pillars

The three pillars of Cancer Care include work around Boundaries, Control and Expression.  These are all represented in the cancer cell and subsequently, on the mental and emotional level as well.  Cancerous tumors are boundary-less; growing into and invading healthy organs, tissues and bones.  The cancer cell membranes are misshapen, delicate and form a poor boundary for the cell itself.   

We are raised to take care of other people and that often means that we allow our boundaries to be crossed, resulting in hurt, anger and resentment.  Learning to set and maintain healthy boundaries is a skill that is essential for healing.

Control has its axis, chaos, which is what cancer is in the body.    Our bodies are organic, structured systems that are built to function in a particular fashion.  When cancer cells grow out of control, they fly in the face of our system's structure and create chaos in so many ways.  

Control and chaos are held in a delicate balance in our lives and that is what is needed - balance.  We will explore together where you fall on the continuum - do you need to release control or take more control for yourself?

Our beings are interconnected and impact each other - mind, emotions, body and spirit.  Cancer is a physical expression but the energy of it began on other levels of the psyche.  We are taught to suppress our own wants, needs, desires and dreams for the sake of others.  There are so many things in our lives that we suppress and then our bodies take on the job for us.  

Expression, expression, expression!  This part of our work together can be fun and challenging.  Expression can happen through voice, movement, art, and conversation.  We will explore all of the ways that your soul is needing to express.  

Our work together includes specific exploration of these three areas.  We'll talk about where you are at currently in the areas of boundaries, control and self-expression.  Once we have awareness about the current landscape, we'll start to create balance and ease within each aspect.  Learning to set and hold boundaries, release or regain control and find freedom in expression are essential for your healing.  

The Role of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a wonderful, holistic, energetic way of supporting all of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing through cancer.  While we are working together to bring old patterns, fears, anger and worries to the surface, your homeopathic remedy is working on the deepest level to also help you heal.  

Through cancer treatment, homeopathy plays an important role in

  • Developing and maintaining a healthy mental state

  • Helping the body to find relief from side effects

  • Boosting the immune system to aide in the fight

During our work together, you will be given carefully selected homeopathic remedies that will support the emotional work you are doing as well as supporting your overall healing.

A Cancer Survivor

I am a cancer survivor and have spent many years healing through my own cancer experience.  I know what it's like to get that call, go through treatment and then annual scans.  I am grateful to be part of the journey and offer healing support for others.

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