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What is Oscillococcinum and why does it work?

It’s not what you think.

Muscovy ducks

Oscillococcinum is Boiron’s number one selling remedy. It seems that everyone who is anyone and knows something about homeopathy has this in their cupboard. But did you ever stop to wonder what it was?

Oscillococcinum has been a mystery to me for many years as it does now show up in our general homeopathic materia medica nor has there ever been a thorough (or really any) proving of the substance.

This remedy is prepared by incubating the heart and liver of a Barbary duck for forty days. Joseph Roy, in 1925, observed a germ in it that moved in an oscillating manner thus giving this remedy its name. In a nutshell, Oscillococcinum is made from the bacteria laden organs of a duck.

But why a duck? Why would some duck parts work so well for preventing and treating the flu? Well, birds are intricately related to the flu - and humans actually contract the flu from birds. Remember the headlines of the avian flu going around? Birds have an affinity for the flu. You could also say, they are in the field of the flu. Avian flu is actually going around in bird populations again as I write this post.

Symptoms that are found in this remedy include the following: fever, chills, bruised sensation, throbbing headache, painful sinuses, nasal congestion, discharge and sneezing. There can also be a dry, painful cough and hoarseness. On the mental level, anxiety and a worry about never recovering is also an aspect of this remedy.

I would recommend that if this remedy has worked for you and your family, use it at the first sign of flu-like symptoms coming on, especially if they seem typical and non-descript. If symptoms change, worsen or become more particular, then it's time to seek professional homeopathic help,

I offer homeopathic tele-health and do take calls nights and weekends as well as during the workday. Before we connect, be sure to increase your vitamin c and zinc. If you have access, add in Hyland's Bioplasma as well.

Take care this cold season and be loved.

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