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November Series Sold Out.  January Dates Just Announced!

Boundaries, Control and Expression

I have developed this three-part series because these three elements represent the places that we most struggle with.  Imbalance in these areas are also the cause of some of the greatest hurt in our lives.  

Boundaries, control and expression depend on each other and are often in imbalance all out of balance together.


Setting boundaries is complex and is much harder than you think.  When you set boundaries, you are telling other people how you want to be treated.  You are claiming for yourself what you want in your own life!  This can be scary, confusing and difficult.  It can be hard to create boundaries that aren't fueled by anger, resentment and hurt.  In our session on Boundaries, we will talk about what boundaries are, why they are important and how to create boundaries with love and grace.


Control is a tool that we use to keep ourselves safe.  We hyper control our environment so we are not caught off guard, we have planned for every scenario and nothing bad will happen.  But controlling behavior prohibits us from true connection - to ourselves and others in our lives.  We can't be vulnerable, let our guard down or even feel our feelings.  During this session, we not only talk about control but we also talk at length about responsibility.  People who need to control to feel safe often take on too much responsibility.  They feel like they are responsible for things that they really are not responsible for.  And that causes all sorts of pain.


Expression is how we reveal our inner content and let ourselves be known.  When we cannot express our thoughts, our needs, our love or our pain, we cannot connect and all of it becomes internalized.  We get sick, depressed, anxious and suffer.  Expression can be vocal, physical, creative.  We can express ourselves in many ways but the most important part is actually doing it.  Getting it out of your body.  Releasing.  

The ability to express is essential to relinquishing control and setting boundaries.

Next Series:


Wednesday, January 11th, 6 - 7:30pm 


Wednesday, January 18th, 6 - 7:30pm 


Wednesday, January 25th, 6 - 7:30pm 

Just in time for the New Year, this series will give you the gift of relief, freedom and reflection.  

All Sessions Via Zoom

$155 for the series

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