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Holistic Healing
Classical homeopathy helps you to heal physically, mentally and emotionally.  It is an entirely holistic form of medicine, taking into account all of who you are.  

Classical homeopathy does not mask symptoms or change your brain chemistry through mood altering drugs. Using the classical homeopathic method, you and I work together to get to the core of what’s happening and then, using carefully selected homeopathic remedies, make shifts in that core. Whether you are experiencing physical symptoms or emotional discomfort, everything is connected. Your experiences are all happening for you, right now, in your body. Listen to your body and your thoughts. They are trying to tell you something. That message is what I listen for in our sessions. That’s where the healing needs to begin.


Homeopathy may be for you if:

  • You have tried everything else you can think of and you are not feeling better

  • You don’t want to take one more antibiotic because they aren’t helping anyway

  • You don’t feel listened to or heard by your current health care practitioner

  • You haven’ been well since……(a life event or an illness or a trauma)

  • You want to work with your immune system not against it

  • You want to foster good gut flora and ultimate health

  • You get the same cold each week, month and season

  • You just don’t like going to the doctor but really, really should


If any of the above tell your story then homeopathy may be just the thing for you.

When you become a homeopathic patient:

  • You are deeply listened to and understood

  • You begin a lifelong connection with your body, mind and emotions

  • Your healing journey includes working with your own innate healing ability

  • You have a practitioner available when you need care (nights and weekends!)

  • You are empowered


You’ve been putting off making your appointment or perhaps you don’t think that you’re even able to feel any better. Don’t let indecision keep you from having the physical, mental and emotional well being that you desire. Take the first step and give me a call. Taking this one step is the beginning of an amazing journey of healing for you. I look forward to walking with you on your journey.

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