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My Little Pill Box

This little beauty is both a literal and figurative lifesaver. On this particular morning it was speaking to me and so I am moved to tell you about it on this page.

We have an intimate relationship, this little beauty and I. We see each other reliably every morning and it goes with me wherever I travel. We will be together every morning going forward for the rest of my life.

But it hasn't always been on my bedside table. In 2018, after my thyroidectomy, I kept the bottle from the pharmacy on my bedside table. It was just what was and I was resigned to it. But every morning as I popped the plastic cap off the bottle and dug my finger into the bottom of it I was transported back into that world. Biopsy, cancer, hospitals, surgery, recovery and ultimately; something is wrong with me. I am broken. A piece of my body is missing and I will never be whole again. I am now dependent upon someone else, something else for my survival and its container is a constant reminder.

And then, the most wonderful gift. My husband gave me this beautiful little pill box and my life was forever changed. It is handmade, carved by someone who put their love and attention into it. Their signature is lightly burned into the bottom of the box.

My tiny little pills fit safely into this little pill box which sits on my bedside table. And we are friends. And I am no longer that person who is broken and needs these little pills to be fixed. I no longer have to remember. I love reaching for my smoothed, rounded pill box each morning. I am now reminded of the gentle hands that carved the wood, the tree that was carefully selected for this purpose, and the thoughtfulness and love that arrived with this gift.

It's a tiny detail in the larger story of my life but it is significant. I wasn't in the place where I could change the narrative for myself but fortunately someone could do it for me.

Our living is often in these small details, often more significant than grand gestures. I hope that I become continually tuned to those small details in an effort to create a shift for someone else that becomes truly grand.

Be loved,


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