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Curran's List

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Every day I learn from my patients and I'm grateful for their wisdom. I'd like to share with you some wisdom from a fifteen year old patient who is handling the stressors of this time in a marvelous way.

Like many of us, Curran feels like she can't get anything done during the day. No matter what work she does get done, there is always more that piles on. It's stressful and anxiety makes it seem like so. much. more.

Each day, Curran makes a To-Do List, which many of us probably do, but hers is different. First, she takes a moment to calm herself. Then she proceeds.

Curran's List:

  1. One quote for the day

  2. Three things I love about myself

  3. One thing I want to do for myself today

  4. One thing I want to do for someone else today

At the end of her day, rather than feeling anxious because she didn't get enough school work done, Curran looks back at her list with appreciation for what she is done.

"It's about mindset", she says. "You are at the hands of nature. Being in the BWCA helped me see that. We are all so small and we don't have to take everything so seriously. If I make a mistake, everything will be okay." And Curran knows that if she completed the tasks on her list, everything will certainly be okay.

Thank you to Curran who allowed me to share this with you and to everyone who is bravely making it through right now.

Sending love,


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