Care for Mom and Dad

My first attempt at this blog post was about kids going back to school - the whys and hows of health care as the season changes and how important it is to check in with your health care provider now.  Then I realized that around this Back to School time, every ounce of your energy is focused on your child.  All of your money, time, worries and energy are spent in anticipation of the first day of school.  

Then they get on the bus, you breathe a sigh of relief and everything goes back to normal, right?  Nope, not always.  Or perhaps it does go back to normal, but normal is just more of the same stuff that wasn’t good in the first place.  So when do you, Mom and Dad,  get all of the focus on you to prepare you for the journey ahead?  And why would you spend the time, money and energy?

When you have kids, it’s often hard to justify the “indulgence” of taking care of yourself.  What if I told you that taking care of yourself has a direct positive benefit for your kids?  What if you could pause for a moment before responding?  What if you are able to see your children and their actions in a more positive light?  What if you felt better - had less anxiety, fewer worries and felt good in your body?  How would you be with your kids then?

As a mother of three, these question