A Remedy for My Office

As my blog readers know, my job is to provide homeopathic remedies to my patients for their ultimate healing. So it's coming up on five years in my current office space, ten years in practice and I'm in the midst of manifesting my new brand into the world. This seemed like the perfect time to give my office space some healing energy.

I called Amy Theisen of Infinity Life Design. Amy is a Feng Shui practitioner who has been studying and practicing her art since 2004. I have read books about Feng Shui and have been fascinated by the idea of energy in our spaces. I was so excited to sit down for our consultation!

When Amy came to my space, she took it all in. We talked about the larger clinic space and my own office as well. She asked detailed questions about me, the history of my business and took measurements of the cardinal direction of the office.

A few weeks later, Amy presented me with a 20 page report that was both thorough and deep. We talked about my personal analysis - what brings me passion, what I need in my career, what my strengths and weaknesses are. We talked about the types of people I work best with and where I need to be aware.

I am now just starting to learn about Chinese mythology and Destiny Guides because Amy introduced me to my Guide - Hook. Bit by bit I've been connecting with Hook during my meditation as a way of bringing in new ideas and inspiration both for my business as a whole and for my individual patients.