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Wuhan Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The Wuhan coronavirus is believed to have spread from the Huanan Seafood Market in China. At the market they are peddling live animals including snakes, bats, deer and otters. Often animals are slaughtered and butchered on site after they are purchased. This is how it was believed to have spread from animals to humans, through transmission of bodily fluids.

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause flu-like symptoms. SARS was also a coronavirus that plagued the world, having begun in China, in 2003.

Symptoms of the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) include:

* Fever

* Dry cough with shortness of breath

* Diarrhea

* Body aches

The incubation period can be up to 14 days. The at risk populations are the elderly and those already immune compromised.

To gain some perspective, there have been 15 million cases of influenza this season and 8,200 deaths. So far the Wuhan coronavirus seems to be less virulent and not as transferrable as the flu.

So, these are the facts. It's easy to get caught up in fear when the media hypes this epidemic, but I encourage you to trust in your body, stay grounded and continue to take care of yourself. It's not certain that this virus will continue to spread - and how or where - but solid self care is the best defense against any illness this time of year.

Recommended self-care:

* Wash your hands frequently throughout your day

* Avoid touching your mouth, eyes or face during the day

* Avoid sugar or fried foods which cause inflammation and can lower your immune response

* Get healthy amounts of Vitamin C, Elderberry syrup and Hyland's Bioplasma

* Go to bed early and get an adequate amount of sleep

* If you start feeling ill, stay home from work or school and rest

The homeopathic community in the Midwest and Worldwide is studying this illness carefully. While we always treat the individual person, there are often a handful of remedies that will help the majority of the patients who have symptoms. We are currently cultivating this list and continue working together behind the scenes to insure that we are able to serve those in need.

Historically, homeopathic care has had a high success rate during epidemics, typically over 90% in many outbreaks. Julian Winston gives a wonderful historical account of homeopathic success back to the 1800s.

No matter what, if anything, happens with this epidemic, I am available to you in the case that you develop cold and flu-like symptoms. If you haven't yet experienced acute care with me, it can often be done over the phone and remedies can be picked up either at my clinic or at your local health food store.

As things unfold, be sure to like my Facebook page where I will continue to post updates.

Be loved,


* Update Tuesday, March 3rd

At this writing, the virus has spread to parts of the United States but not the midwest. Here is some additional information that has been shared on homeopathic lists:


1. “It is pretty large in size (cell is about 400-500nm diameter), so any normal mask (not just the  N95 feature) should be able to filter it out. However, when someone who's infected sneezes in front of you, it will take a great 3 meters (about 10 feet) before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne. 2. When the virus drops on metal surface, it will live for at least 12 hours. So remember if you come in contact with any metal surface, wash your hands with soap thoroughly. 3. The virus can remain active on fabric for 6-12 hours. Normal laundry detergent should kill the virus. For winter clothing that does not require daily washing, you can put it out under the sun to kill the virus.

About the symptoms of the pneumonia caused by Coronavirus: 1. It will first infect the throat, so the throat will have the dry sore throat feeling which will last for 3 to 4 days 2. Then the virus will blend into the nasal fluid and drips into the trachea and enter the lungs, causing pneumonia. This process will take 5 to 6 days.    3. With pneumonia, comes high fever and difficulty in breathing. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You will feel like you are drowning in water. It's important to go seek immediate medical attention if you feel like this. About prevention: 1. The most common way of getting infected is by touching things in public, so you must wash your hands frequently. The virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 mins, but a lot can happen in those 5-10 mins (you can rub your eyes or pick your nose unwittingly). 2. Aside from washing your hands frequently, you can gargle with salt water to eliminate or minimize the germs while they are still in your throat (before dripping down to your lungs).


As a homeopathic community, we are studying the symptoms of the virus and are prepared for an epidemic, should it come to that in our area.

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