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Walt Disney's Dream

I was lucky enough to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando for a day last week and I’m still giddy about it. From the moment we walked in, I was completely taken by the magic of the place and instantly immersed in an experience that would last until we stepped out of the park late that night.

Having been our first visit, we walked around, stupefied for the first hour. We walked through the Avatar section where we were surrounded by real foliage, running streams and lush green areas interspersed with fictitious, out of this world looking plants. Everywhere I looked, there was something to see – little air plants tucked in the odd trunk, a replica of a giant robot that was real metal and really rusted.

The rest of the day held more of the same. We walked through Asia, Africa and Dinoland with mouths agape. There were many moments throughout the day when tears came to my eyes – either because of the wonder on my daughters’ faces or because of my own. Every single detail of the place was considered, down to the haphazard ads plastered to the light post with some ripped off to simulate the reality.

What struck me the most, however, was that we were completely in the experience. Like I said, we walked into the park that day and were completely immersed in someone’s dream. I know that it is now bigger than Walt Disney’s dream, but he’s the one who started it all. One day, Walt Disney drew a funny little mouse on a page and invited us all into his dream.

While I was there, I felt like I was completely engulfed in a fantasy world where the greenery surrounded me, we could make a difference through conservation and I was transported to faraway lands. I was pretending and everyone there, no matter his or her age, was pretending too. It was so much fun!

I also found the entire day immensely inspiring. Look at what this one man and his little mouse were able to manifest! If someone, during their lifetime, can have one unique thought and a dream then manifest that into one of the most amazing and sought after destinations on the planet well, what could I not then do!

If I dream of a world where all people young and old feel truly seen, loved and understood, then by golly, why not! If I dream of a world where all parents are entirely conscious of their own behavior and can make direct, strong connections with their children who then grow up to be the amazing human beings they were born into this world to be, then why the heck not!

This is our opportunity, friends, and the time is right now. We are beginning to more deeply understand and embrace our own lives as energy and how we can harness and change our direction both as a human family and in our own lives. I invite you to explore deeply your dream and I warmly welcome you into mine.

In the coming year, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me about my dream but the first step to creating my dream is coming up on Saturday, May 12th. I’m inviting courageous mothers who have children of any age, still in the womb or out of the nest, to join me in beginning to create my dream.

During our time together, we’ll explore how we arrived at this place in our role as mothers, assess where we are and where we will go next. We’ll talk about parenting from a conscious parenting perspective and you’ll get a glimpse of how to changing your behavior can have an almost magical impact on the behavior of your child. We’ll also explore what you, as a mom, needs to feel loved, accepted and understood so that you can care for your family from a cup that’s overflowing.

Join me in my dream. I invite you to help me create this magical world together.

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