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The Energy of an Ear Infection

Over the past 200 years, medicine has come a long way. We’ve passed the stage of bloodletting, mercury poisoning and leeches into a new era. The medical community has developed a deep and thorough understanding of our nuts and bolts. We know how our bodies work down to the chemical reaction and are able to manipulate our symptoms and responses with medications, surgery, chemotherapy and the like.

We still have so far to go.

While we have jumped with both feet into the study of the physical body, any and all research about how the emotional self and psyche are connected to our physical bodies – and the huge part that they play in our health – has all but stopped.

It is my belief that we are not just our physical bodies. We are a web of our physical bodies and our vital force from which our emotions and our true identity comes. I can’t pretend to understand how this connection works. When someone’s brain is damaged, it seems that they, as a person can change. There is a connection between how we behave and our hormones – but nevertheless, I believe that there is something else that animates and enlivens us. And when we die, it is ultimately when our vital force finally disengages from our physical body.

So how does this relate to ear infections, you ask? Well there are many types of ear infections but I’m going to tell you about one particular one that is special. It’s so common and particular that I have to tell you about it. This ear infection comes and mainly begins on the left side. It’s accompanied by thick, yellowish green mucus. What’s so special about this ear infection is that it’s the illness that comes when the child first goes to day care or experiences their first separation from their mother. It is misunderstood that this is typical as the child is first exposed to other children. In fact, it’s the emotional upset of that first separation that causes these symptoms.

I know about this ear infection first hand. My oldest child was 9 months old when I entered homeopathy school. She hadn’t been sick with any other illness and had been home with me for the first 9 months of her life. On the second day of my first four-day school weekend, she was crying and upset, pulling on her ear. She had a typical emotional reaction to this first ear infection – she was quite whiney and wanted to be held all of the time. My mom, her caregiver that day, couldn’t put her down. She had clear watery eyes and yellowish-green mucus from her nose.

In these situations, there is one remedy that is the perfect fit – Pulsatilla nigrans. My homeopath suggested this remedy and after 2 doses, she was back to her normal self. By the time I picked her up that evening her ear was no longer red and she slept well that night. Was it that the Pulsatilla cured her ear infection and cleared up the bacteria? No, of course not. The Pulsatilla helped to rebalance the energetic upset. Once this occurred, the terrain of her body changed. It also was brought back into balance and was no longer hospitable to the bacteria that were causing her pain.

I believe that homeopathic medicine will become the new frontier for medicine. This 200 year old system of medicine is way ahead of its time and continues to be.   Homeopathy is both an art and a science that beautifully considers both the physical, mental and emotional symptoms that affect people and has the power to bring all three into balance. Unconditional happiness and true health are available to everyone. Homeopathy is the key that unlocks that healing door.

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