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My Favorite Band

I don’t consider myself a very religious person but I am a very spiritual person. And while I attend a Unitarian Universalist church, that does not make up my spiritual practice. In truth, it’s a local Twin Cities band - Cloud Cult, that provides a lot of my spiritual connection.

I started listening to Cloud Cult around their Love album and I was enthralled with their music. I went back to listen to Happy Hippopotamus, Aurora Borealis, Feel Good Ghosts and Light Chasers. I’ve driven to Lutsen to see them in the intimate setting at Papa Charlie’s, have camped overnight with my family to see them at an outdoor family concert in Wisconsin and have gone to see them many, many times at various venues around the Cities. I’ve also read their book.

When I listen to their music I feel like there is someone out there who understands. Through his songs and consecutive albums, lead singer and songwriter Craig Minowa travels through his deep grief and healing after losing his 2 year old son suddenly one night. His spiritual journey is what connects me to Cloud Cult’s music.

When my best furry friend of 14 years passed away, I spent days listening to Dance for the Dead on the Meaning of 8 album. The lyrics “This is the dance that brings the dead to the living. They say I miss you everyday - you know. They say I’m with you every day. Just say I miss you every day. Can you hear them come?” I still can’t listen to that song without tears coming to my eyes.

At this point I could step through each of their songs and tell you why I love it. Each one has great lyrics that help me to find my way and stay connected to the Universe. From the Love album, I have two favorites. The song Good Friend begins with this verse – “Oh this life is so strange you need a sense of humor. The maker is half caretaker and half joker. We are not broken ones. Just shattered pieces of the same bright sun tryin’ to figure out which way to run and we can’t do this alone.”

In The Show Starts Now, Craig asks the listener to wake up and take responsibility for this one, precious life. “Hold your breath for a better day and you’ll never learn how to breathe. You’re afraid of the dark but that’s where you learn to see. You’re no good to the living if you’re too afraid to bleed and that’s why your show starts now. “ Lean into the fear, see where you’re at and walk the difficult path.   It’s in the songs on every album.

This winter, Cloud Cult came out with a new album. And I was afraid. How could they possibly top their earlier work? How could their music possibly draw me into a closer connection with Spirit and the Universe? But they’ve blown me away again. The latest album is called The Seeker and it’s the soundtrack to the movie that they are releasing in conjunction with the album. The movie is about a young woman’s life and her journey into the Great Unknown. So amazing.

So in March I’ll make the trek to Viroqua, WI for the only acoustic and live concert on their current tour and I can’t WAIT! If you’re interested in listening or finding out more, you can check out To listen to their new album, check here:


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