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I Believe in Magic

It began with a gesture. I was at the Joint American Homeopathic Conference in Long Beach, California in 2014. She had a beautiful necklace on and I complimented her on it. Later that day, my friend walked up to me with the necklace in hand. He said that she’d had to leave but wanted me to have her necklace.   I was so moved and grateful! What a thing this beautiful stranger had done for me.

In October of 2017 I was fortunate to attend the Homeopathy One Conference in Bruges, Belgium. During a reception, I was mingling with attendees and met a homeopath from Turkey. He and I began talking and realized that not only had we both attended the JAHC Conference in 2014, he knew the kind woman who had gifted me the necklace!   He then connected the two of us on Facebook.

Her name means Rose in English. Rose and I connected online and this last week she was visiting Minneapolis to work with a professor at the U of M. Rose joined my family and I at our home and met my family. We spent an evening shopping at the Mall of America and then I brought her to the airport later that week.

We are hoping to see each other again and will definitely continue to grow our relationship online.

I truly believe in the magic of connection and am so glad that we were brought together!

Wishing you magic in your life today and always!

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