How to End Gun Violence


This morning as we were getting ready for our day my husband had Minnesota Public Radio streaming into our bedroom. I could only pick up a few words with one common one – AR-15. They were talking about gun control. This conversation renewed the pain I felt when I heard about the Florida shooting last Wednesday and Sandy Hook and all of the shootings in between. I have a sense of despair when I think about all of these instances. As I looked over the list of victims from last week, most of them are only a few years older than my oldest daughter.   I will be sending her to a big, public high school next year. How can I not be terrified that this could happen to her?

The conversation around gun control has impacted more than just the headlines or discussions I hear in the media. It’s surfaced concerns about if and when we’ll be safe in public.   I went to the movies with one of my daughters a few weeks ago and for the first few moments of sitting in that dark theater I came up with a game plan of what I’d do if a shooter came in. I wondered if the knee wall in front of us would stop bullets. I wondered if it would be better to run and try to get out while staying low or just to hide and wait.

And I wonder what to do about all of this as it seems that no one is listening.