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Energies Around Us

There is an energy to everything around us. Have you ever spent time looking at a cactus? Not the small, fuzzy kind, but the big, imposing, spiky kind? Bring up this image in your mind. Consider the feeling that you get from looking at it. It’s not a warm, inviting, cozy feeling. The feeling you think of might be sharp, defensive and somewhat ominous. The cactus has this energy about it.

Call to mind an image of the sun setting over a beautiful, calm lake. That has an energy too. When I see such beauty, I have a sense of calm, serenity and peace.

Lastly, imagine you’re at the playground and you’re watching the merry go round. (Do they even have these any more?) It’s full of excited children who keep pushing it faster and faster. The energy of this is frenetic, joyous and possibly anxiety producing. This gives you a certain feeling.

Now think about times when you’ve taken on energies of the things, situations or people around you. Consider times when you’ve been in a crowd of people and you can feel the energy emanating from someone, even if you don’t know them. When you are open, you are tuned in to these feelings and emotions surrounding you. What is the energy that you are sending out to the people around you? What do you do if this is not the energy with which you’d like to live your life?

Whether the energy wells up in you and comes out as anger or you’re drained from giving your energy to others, we have tools to change. Sometimes you can find healing through gentle movement, meditation or connecting with nature. Then there are times when you get stuck in the mire and can’t seem to find your way out.

It is in shifting this energy, your energy, that homeopathy begins to heal. When you are able to shift your energetic pattern, the people around you also feel your energy shift. What a wonderful gift to yourself, your family, co-workers and friends when you begin to change the energy that no longer serves you and let them feel your true, joyful self. This is true health.

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