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Why Retreat?

I have always loved going on retreat. My love affair began when I was little and my family would head to the MN State Parks to go camping. It was our own personal retreat from homework, school, dishes, bedtimes and toys. Being in the woods and sitting around the campfire were magical times for me. This month, our church theme is Belonging and when I was asked to consider where I most feel belonging the answer came easily - the outdoors, specifically in Minnesota State Parks.

Growing up Catholic provided many opportunities for various youth retreats. Some were camping and some were at large retreat centers. While many of my classmates at our young teen/tween ages felt that the retreat was a time to escape from parents and rules, I always took retreating very seriously and I was rewarded for it. Each and every time I intentionally took time for myself, I grew.

I don't know if it was those formative experiences, the way I'm wired or both, but I've continued to grow. I am my own best project. As I've become older and wiser I've been able to celebrate my growth and those "Ah ha!" moments instead of continually pushing forward for more. Yet, the pushing always continues.

My desire for growth found me in the Retreat Leader Training with Coach Helene Van Manen where I solidified my interest and love of retreating. There are so many reasons, seasons and purposes for retreating. This course opened my eyes to the deep healing that is possible when we step away, even for an hour, from our regular life.

So, why retreat? Why now? Why Wise Woman?

This retreat is designed for you, right now. Fall is a beautiful time to step away from your regular life and back into your body.

You will spend time grounding and connecting to the Earth to both lend healing and gain healing.

You will spend time in contemplative silence, allowing time and space to just be.

You will find yourself among like-minded, curious women who are also concerned about our planet and what lies ahead for us as we seek climate justice. You will be invited into healing exercises for both Mother Earth and we as seekers.

You will spend time outdoors connecting deeply to your intuition, sensing and taking in the quieting of the natural world as we head into winter.

You will spend time in both gentle movement and play to experience and celebrate your beautiful body.

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