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Topics will be customized for your group and can be tailored to fit a 60 to 120 minute timeframe.

How to Parent with Love, Integrity and Wisdom and What to Do When You Just Can't

As you are thinking about welcoming your new child into your life everything seems idyllic.  You imagine the touching interactions you’ll have with your child, the milestones and the love that you’ll share.  But when the rubber hits the road you realize that parenting is actually really hard and no one has given you a roadmap for your journey!  

Most parenting books out there talk about how to change your child.  If you only discipline them better or create the right structure or make them change in just the right way then everything will be better.  But you’ve tried it and it doesn’t work, right?

What if I told you that the real change will come when you change YOU.  Because when you change how you are in relationship to your child, everything begins to change.  

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How to Reclaim Your Life, Take Back Your Body and
Give Your Disease a Back Seat

Living with chronic pain, disease and discomfort is hard, there’s no doubt.  What makes it harder is when your disease becomes your whole life and you not only lose hope but you lose yourself in the process.  Studies show that when faced with illness, your mindset is one of the most important factors in if and how quickly you recover.


In order to reclaim your life, take back your body and give your disease a back seat, mindset is key.  When you can stop identifying with your disease, you’ll be able to make better health decisions, have fewer symptoms and less anxiety about your health.  


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