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Why Do I Ask So Many Questions?

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New patients are often struck by the depth of questioning that happens in a session with me. Even when I'm talking to someone about a sinus infection or cough, I always ask for more. How does your pain feel? What is the quality of the pain? Where exactly does it hurt? What does the stuff that's coming out of your nose look like? What's your mood like? Is there anything on your mind lately that's been worrying you? Do you want to be around people or would you be just as happy holed up in your room alone? And on and on a bit more.

It may seem a bit odd to be talking about your mood or your worries when we're trying to help your sinus infection but in homeopathy it's all related. When I recommend a homeopathic remedy for you it's meant for you as a whole person, including whatever is going on at this very moment. The remedy is meant for you AND your worries AND your sinus AND your sleep AND your mood, etc.

AND I have literally thousands of remedies to choose from so knowing these specific things helps me to choose the right one so that your healing can be the most gentle and rapid healing possible.

I know it seems odd but this is one of the things I love the MOST about homeopathy. Your remedy is chosen specifically for you in the interest of your best healing. It works with your system and is not an anti anything. It's pro-YOU!

Be loved,


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