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Natural, Effective Flu Prevention

Each year I offer a homeopathic remedy called Influenzinum which helps to educate the body's

immune system to help it ward off the flu. I place a new order each year because the pharmacy that I order from creates a new strain that's made from disease material from this year's flu. That's right. It's not a guess. That's one of the reasons why my patients have such success in avoiding catching the dreaded flu.

The dosing is simple and can be done with small children, adults and the more distinguished (elderly).

What do I have to do to get it?

That part is simple. We talk for about ten minutes over the phone and I go over instructions with you. I answer all of your questions and create a connection with you. I want you to feel comfortable coming to me with any questions you may have throughout the season regarding the flu and flu remedy (that's included in your price!). Following our chat, I mail the remedy right to you.

Why wouldn't I just buy it online?

You certainly can buy it online. However, by the time you pay for shipping, you won't save much. Secondly, not all homeopathic pharmacies are created equal. The pharmacy I order from follows strict Hahnemannian procedures (it's the real deal). Plus, you don't have to guess on how and when to take it AND I'm your go-to person. As me any question you'd like about the process or the flu. It's all included.

Can I get it for my group?

Yes! I would love to come to your group! I visit work places, homes, parent gatherings and do two things. I give a half hour talk on best practices to prevent the flu then I give instructions on how to take the remedy and have it for sale there. All of your group members save on shipping plus get the added bonus information! Call me and we can chat about your group - 612-232-6453.

What‘s the cost?

$25 single

$35 family

$5 shipping

Happy Flu Season Everyone!

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