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How to Find a Good Homeopath

So you just typed "best homeopath in Minneapolis" or "how to find a good homeopath" into Google. I'm sure some of the links you pulled up were lists of practitioners from various directories or homeopathic organizations. None of these links, however, tell you how to choose a good homeopathic practitioner. What is it you should look for? How do you know when you've found the homeopath for you? Well, there are a few key elements to consider when you're looking for just the right practitioner.

1. Education

Given that homeopaths are not licensed by the state (we are licensed by our own governing body but more on that in a sec), anyone can hang up a shingle saying that they are a homeopath or that they practice homeopathic medicine. Look for someone who has attended a four year program. There are a number of schools around the country and some are now certified by the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA). Homeopaths who have attended schools have training in both the classroom and in the clinic. They also have a deeper understanding of homeopathy than someone who only attended a brief certification program.

2. Certification

Homeopaths who have CCH listed after their name have passed an exam and continue their education to maintain certification through the Council for Homeopathic Certification. These practitioners had to attend accredited schools in order to sit for the exam. The CHC has a search function so you can find a practitioner in your area.

3. Insurance

I get this question a lot, "As a homeopath, do you accept insurance?" Homeopaths in the United States at this time are not covered under any type of insurance. Honestly, it is better for both you and I because I'm able to spend the time I need with you and can provide the type of care that I'd like to. What I can offer, however, is the use of a Health Savings Account for your homeopathic care. I accept credit cards and am able to run an HSA card directly so you don't need to submit your receipts for reimbursement.

4. Distance

Is it important to find a homeopath that's near you? The answer is yes and no. It is always best to see my patients in person. There is an energy and a connection that only comes when you can see each other face to face. I see patients from around the country and internationally, however, through video conference. When you're not able to see a homeopath in your area or are drawn to someone else's practice, often distance care is available. If it's not referenced on their website, just ask.

5. Personality

Homeopaths are human and each of us is unique. What matters most is that you feel comfortable and cared for in your relationship with your homeopath. Most of us are happy to talk with you on the phone or in person before you set up an initial visit so you are able to ask questions and get to know us a bit. The homeopathic relationship can be very personal and healing. It's important that you choose the practitioner that you are drawn to. The most successful homeopathic healing happens when you feel seen, heard and understood by your homeopath.

I hope that using these five elements you're able to find just the right practitioner for you. The next step is to check their website and reach out for a quick chat and to set up an appointment.

Love to you,


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