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Homeopathic Remedies for Summer Camp

I sent my daughter off to summer camp last week. Surprisingly, she's our youngest and this was our first experience with a sleep away camp. I'm happy to report that the week at camp was amazing and she's already planning on going again next year.

I did send a few tried and true remedies with her to camp. Fortunately she didn't need to use them but educating your child on these four remedies may make for a smoother week at camp.

Top 4 Remedies for Summer Camp:

Arnica montana 30c - best remedy for bruising or sore muscles from overuse. This is a good remedy to use following those activities that kids don't do regularly - like paddling or horseback riding.

Arsenicum album 30c - food poisoning. The food at camp can be amazing but it may be food that your child isn't accustomed to. For vomiting and/or diarrhea with food poisoning - like symptoms, this remedy can work wonders. Best to be used at the first sign of a sick stomach and then after every vomiting episode.

Causticum 30c - useful after a sunburn. There are a few remedies for sunburn but this is the one I'd pick for those burns coming off of the water, which tend to me more intense. Aloe vera gel is also very soothing topically!

Rhus toxicodendron 30c - this remedy packs a double punch! It can be used for poison ivy but consider it most for swimmer's itch. Those nasty, itchy bites that can cover your legs after a swim in the wrong place at the wrong time responds really well to this remedy.

While it was hard to say goodbye to my camper for the week, I knew that this was a week of growth and new experiences that will stay with her forever. Camp helped her to feel connected to something bigger than herself, really hear from other people (besides her mom) how awesome she is and realize how brave, courageous and powerful she always has been.

I wish your camper an amazing experience this summer at camp! If your camper uses one of these remedies successfully this summer, I'd love to hear about it so please drop me a line.

Love to you,


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