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Homeopathic Natrum muriaticum and COVID

Homeopathy has a long history of helping people with acute symptoms, especially during epidemics. While I am sharing two cases of Natrum muriaticum, each patient I help receives a thorough case study and an individualized remedy prescription. I have had many other cases that have responded well to homeopathic care with very different remedy choices.

Case #1, Positive COVID test -

Severe dehydration. Explosive, greenish diarrhea. It doesn't stop. Fever and chills.

No appetite. I've just lost it.

I have to run to the bathroom. I've gotten tested and I live alone. My kids bring me what I need but I'm an introvert. I'm happy to be home here alone.

Remedy: Natrum muriaticum 30c

*Why Natrum muriaticum? The diarrhea and dehydration can be an indication of many remedies. However, her delight at being alone, the tone of her voice in addition to the loss of appetite and diarrhea experience led me to this remedy.

Two days later -

I'm getting better. I'm good compared to where I was. I now have a desire to eat.

We continued with Natrum muriaticum and this saw her through.

Case #2, Positive COVID test -

Achy body and chills. Zero energy feeling. No sense of smell. Can hardly eat. Food is so unappealing. Dry mouth. No respiratory symptoms.

No energy to do anything. Difficult to eat. I make myself eat a little. Nauseous when I think about food. Hunger pains but then food doesn’t sound good.

Can’t get up and do anything. I just want to sit or lie down. The whole me is exhausted. Mentally as well.

Quite thirsty. Helps to wash the food down with water.

Pretty much all food is unappealing. Not hungry for anything.

Normal cravings. I like most food. Spaghetti and meatballs. A good roast beef.

Sometimes I like to sit by myself.

Remedy: Natrum muriaticum 30c

This patient had been sick for 11 days by the time she contacted me so it took a while for her to fully recover. Within five days, her appetite was better and her energy was coming back up. Her increased thirst, weariness and lack of appetite all indicate this remedy. Again, knowing her preference for solitude and they way she speaks, were a confirmation.

All in all, homeopathy can help! It's best to seek help sooner in one's illness than later, so call early!

Wishing you well,


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