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Homeopathy for Smart Moms

Homeopathy is an incredible method of healing and the tools are as close as your nearest whole food grocer.  Homeopathy is a complex system of healing but thorough knowledge of a few remedies can be a godsend for any parent.

In this 4 Module Course you will learn:


  • Homeopathic philosophy and how homeopaths see the body system

  • Twenty homeopathic remedies and how to use them at home

  • Homeopathic philosophy on fevers

  • How best can you support your system when you're sick

You will have a solid knowledge of twenty homeopathic remedies that every household should have to provide relief in first aid situations and minor colds.

Each module is one hour of learning.  You will also receive a pdf guide that you can print out and use for your reference.

This course is done at your own pace and can be taken at any time.  When you register, you will receive a link to the course.