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Wellness Series

Three Pillars of Wellness - Boundaries, Control, Expression

During this three part series, we will grapple with these three themes - Boundaries, Control and Expression.  We will talk about why these are so difficult to deal with in our lives, the tricky ways these behavior patterns show up and how to make lasting changes.

This program is for you if:

  • You often get angry at others (can be a sign that you need boundaries!)

  • You feel that in order to be safe, you need to control many aspects of your environment

  • You find it difficult to truly tell others how you feel

If these are areas of your life where you would like to have more tools, then this series is for you.  

July 21 - Boundaries

July 28 - Control

August 11 - Expression

11:30 - 1pm via Zoom

$105 for the series

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