The Power of Play

There are those times when I'm sitting on the couch quietly reading or trying to get a little bit of work done and my daughter innocently walks over and asks me to play. At first a wave of anxiety ripples through my body. Then the thoughts - "when will I ever get my work done?" "why can't I ever have any time to myself?" "if I don't want to play am I a bad mom?" "when will all of my work ever be done so I can play?" and "am I a fun hater? did I forget how to love playing?"

It honestly depends on the night whether I'm game Uno or not but be certain that if I do play, it's hard to stay present and keep my mind on the game. Even though I left my computer or my book on the coffee table, I haven't actually let it go.

And then, the most magical place in the whole world happened to me. The City Museum in St. Louis, MO. We took a short spring break trip there a few weekends ago and I am forever grateful for that place. I have remembered how to play. And play we did!

Part museum, part crazy fun play space, the City Museum was AWESOME and mostly unexplainable. Saturday found me donned in workout gear and kneepads while I followed the kids through tunnels, ventilation shafts, down slides and into all sorts of passages. A hole in the floor big enough to just fit my shoulders? Yep, let's go explore! An air duct only big enough for me to barely crawl through on all fours? Sure! A 5-story slide? No problem! A 10 - story slide? Ummm.......yes.