Road Tripping the Brazelton Way

If you follow my Instagram page, @sparkwellness, you already know that we just got back from a two week road trip out to the Grand Tetons and back. We travelled over two thousand seven hundred miles with three kids and all of our camping gear in a Toyota Prius V. It was awesome and relatively inexpensive. Here are a couple of tips that I think worked really well for us.

1. We brought our 4th grader.

Maddy and her park pass

The National Park Service offers free entrance to any National Park from September to August of your child’s fourth grade year. All you need to do is go to, take the short quiz and print out the document you receive. Once you get to your first park, the ranger will turn that piece of paper into a plastic entrance card that you can use at any park all year. This card gets your child and their entire family into the park FOR FREE. Because we were visiting three National Parks on our trip, this program saved us $90.