Wednesday Morning

It seemed like a regular morning when I got up. I did the regular things, brushed my teeth, got dressed, kissed my youngest daughter goodbye as I went out the door to the gym.

No less than ten minutes into my workout, my husband calls upset. "The bus didn't even come down the street! It just backed up and took off. I don't have time to drive her to school, do you?"

Well, of course my answer is yes. The next few hours looked like this:

- Grab my stuff and head home from the gym 6:45am

- Take a quick shower and get dressed for my work day while making sure the older girls, who now have to leave for school earlier, are getting ready 7:00am

- Pack lunches 7:15am

- Drive to youngest daughter's school and wait in the crazy long drop off line 7:30am

- Drive to older daughters' school and arrive too early so swing into the grocery store 7:47am

- Buy groceries so I can throw dinner in the crock pot because we don't have time to cook tonight

- Drop older daughters off at school 8:10am

- Drive home with enough time to change my pants that ended up being uncomfortable when I sit down