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Boundary-less Cancer

When you look at the world through a homeopath’s eyes, you can see the energetic threads that bind together all of our human layers. What is expressed on our physical level is also expressing itself on the mental, emotional and behavioral levels as well. The dissonance of the energetic force shows itself as it winds through all of these in order to finally express itself in our body.

Get out your giant magnifying glass for a moment because we are going to examine a cell. This isn’t any old cell, it’s a very special cell. It’s one of your own but I wouldn’t call it friendly. This little one has turned against you along with a few million of its pals. This is the cancer cell. And you can see that it looks a bit funny, what with its misshapen cell membrane and odd nuclei.

Physically, a cancer cell doesn’t have? Boundaries. They can’t keep to themselves. They don’t inhibit their own growth and can’t stop drowning out their neighbor. Cancer cells are called “invasive” because they can’t stop and won’t stop growing out of control.

If the same thing happens on all levels and shows up in your body, how does the theme of boundaries show up in your cells, your behavior, your mind and your emotions?

See again in your mind’s eye, the cancer cell. Permeable, porous, unstructured. I invite you to step into the energy of this cell. Can you identify between you and the other? Do you feel everything that others feel? Do you say yes even when you mean no? How about your ability to choose - are you able to make a free will choice or are your choices pre-determined for you by those around you? What does it feel like energetically to be permeable, porous or unstructured? Perhaps it means that you always put yourself last because everyone else’s needs come first.

Influences flow in and they get all jumbled up inside of you. There is a mess of feelings and it’s too hard to figure out which is your soul’s truth. You are bombarded by the "shoulds" and the need to make everyone happy and the endless trying everything to feel better. All the while your Spirit’s bright light is getting covered by these things. It can barely show through under the immense weight of it all. And under there, the light becomes more dim and your Spirit shrinks. It gets harder to sense it or listen to the small voice of your intuition.

This is part of the energetic feeling of cancer. This is what it feels like to need boundaries.

My invitation to you today is to find a place where you may need a boundary. Anger is an emotion that often arises when someone has touched a place where we didn’t have a strong boundary but need one. Find this place for yourself. Dig deep and connect with your Spirit. What is it that you need there? Then lovingly set up this boundary for yourself. And with love, train others around you that this is where your boundary lies and how you would like to be treated going forward.

Love to you on your journey,


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1 Comment

meghan miller
meghan miller
Sep 29, 2021

So well written. Thank you. This post is really speaking to me in this moment.

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