Influenzinum 2019-2020

The homeopathic remedy, Influenzinum 200c,  is a great way to educate your immune system and prepare for the upcoming flu season. 

I care about your health and want you to stay well this winter!  Your package will include:
Influenzinum which helps to boost your immune system so that you can avoid experiencing flu-like symptoms this season.  Updated for the 2019-2020 cold season.  Package includes dosing for up to a five-member family.

You will receive all of the dosing instructions you need.  It also includes access to a trained homeopath - Me! - for any dosing, symptom or immune support questions you have about this process.  

Like I said, I'm here for you!  I'd rather you be able to play in the snow all winter than be sick in bed.  Influenzinum is a great way to boost your immune system and help you to stay well.  

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