Parenting with Awareness and Intention
When we become conscious parents, we are able to create deep connections with our children and allow them the space they need to blossom into the unique, beautiful beings that they are.

Parenting has always been challenging but our digital age with loads of information on how to parent, what to do and when to do it can be overwhelming.  When we're struggling in relationship with our children, it's easy to look outside of yourself to find a solution.  The solution you seek, however, is as close as the child in front of you.

When we become aware of how our own history impacts our relationship with our children, it is then that we can experience freedom.  Once you're able to understand how your trauma, pain and past hurts are still there, unresolved, that awareness will forever change how you parent.  Hurt and trauma looks different for every parent.  The trauma for you might look like the birth of a sibling or a change of school.  Perhaps your parent lost their job and it upset your home life or you suffered from emotional abuse.  No matter how much we work to be free of them, these experiences directly impact our relationships with ourselves and our children.

Once we work together to create awareness, then we focus on your unique child.  What is it that your child needs?  Who is the parent that your child needs you to be in order to blossom into the unique, beautiful, spiritual being that they are becoming?

I pair my Conscious Parenting Mentoring with Homeopathic Medicine. Why? Because these two healing modalities pair beautifully together. In our sessions together we focus on you as the parent and how to be the parent your child needs you to be.

Homeopathy and Conscious Parenting is for you if

  • You know that you want to parent differently but you don’t know how

  • You love your kids but have a hard time liking them lately

  • You long for a deeper connection and understanding with your child

  • You don’t like the way your current parenting makes you feel